Hi, welcome to my blog!

My name is Jon and I’m a professional game programmer currently working as a tool programmer at Mercury Steam. I made this blog as a way to show my creations and share my passion with others.

If you navigate through the menus you’ll find the different projects I’ve worked on. I’ve also started to write some more traditional blog posts, some of them may be technical but most of the time it will just be me mumbling about any problem was thinking about at that moment.

My current side project is CMarble, a game engine I’m writing to test an alternative to the Entitiy Component System approach. To spice things up I’ve restrained myself from using the C++ and OpenGL pairing I’m more accustomed to and I’m using standard C and the Vulkan graphics API instead. Up to this moment it has been a verbose but gratifying experience!

Fell free to comment, you can also contact me through Linkedin or download my CV from this page.