A* PathFinding

Course: CS380 (Game AI)
Project Number:2 Used Tech: Built upon a provided C++ framework.

Second assignment given in our Artificial intelligence class. It showcases an A* pathfinder with heuristic distance prediction and some optimizations to the resulting path.

Heuristic prediction:

  • The weight given to the heuristic distance in the A* calculus can be set. A weight of 0 results in the classic A* circular search pattern.
  • The way the Heuristic distance is calculated can be changed. There are several options Euclidean, Octile, Chebyshev, Manhattan.

Path Improvements:

  • Straight Line: If the Path can be reduced to a straight line do it.
  • Rubber Band: Merge steps from the path that can be converted into lines.
  • Smoothing: Makes the path less linear, this makes it feel more natural but adds many steps.

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