AI Planner

Course: CS380 (Game AI)
Project Number: Final project, personal topic.
Used Tech: Built upon a provided C++ framework.

This is the Final project I made for my CS380 class (Game AI) at Digipen Bilbao. This was a free topic project and I decided to create a planner AI that could coordinate the actions of several actors too reach a goal. As a plus I added player interaction in the wish to explore a mission giving AI.


  • Goal:(yellow) The main objective of the attacker team. It cannot move or attack but it getting caught means victory for the attacker.
  • Turret:(red) The only troop of the defender faction. It will kill instantly any attacker that enters its shooting range.
  • Infantry:(green) The backbone of the attacker army, it can move and capture the goal gaining victory for its team. It can also kill a turret if manages to get into melee combat with it unfortunately this would kill the infantry too.
  • Artillery:(Blue) A true tactical one trick pony, it cannot move but in exchange can shoot any enemy turret on the map destroying it. After shooting one it will run out of ammo and will not be relevant for the battlefield again.
  • Human Player:(No Tint) Has the exact same capabilities as an infantry but is controlled via mouse. The planner will take it into account as a normal infantry but will tell the player what to do step by step via console while the plan is being executed.

The Planner:

The planner is an AI planner that knowing the troops it has, the enemies it has to face, the terrain and the position of the goal searches through solution space in order to come up with a viable plan. It does so by sub diving the initial objective into sub objectives until it  runs out of options or reaches a set of non dividable objectives that can be fulfilled by the actors. It will lay out the plan and communicate with the human player, if any, via the console.

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