Ball & Puzzles

Title: Ball & Puzzles(Summer 2016).
Engine: Unity

Game Description:    Ball & Puzzles was a small game I participated on during one of our summer courses at Digipen Bilbao. The aim of the course was to teach scrum and agile programming and the goal of the task was to develop a game in a short time using those techniques.

The game itself is a simple puzzle game where we must take a small ball from the start to the end of each level just rolling and jumping around. However there is a twist as once the ball touches a colored block it becomes bound to it and when the contact ends every block of that color will disappear from  the level for good.

My work:

  • I took part on the design of the main mechanic of the game, disappearing color blocks.
  • Made the HUD.
  • Coded improvements over player movement.
  • Rewrote the physics in use for jumping as the previous approach was dt dependent.
  • Designed and Built some of the levels.
  • Developed the block of every color and none, the rainbow block.


Thanks to this small prototype getting first position, in a draw with another project, our whole team was freed from doing the courses final exam. I would call that a success.

Where to get: You can get Ball&Puzzles for free here.

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