Coin Master

Title: Coin Master (January 2015 – May 2015).
Engine: Self Made monolithic 2D C++ engine.

Game Description:     Coin Master is a strategy and resource managing game where the player takes the role of the AI of a fantasy themed arcade machine. The game´s objective is to get the maximum number of coins from a fictional person that is playing said arcade machine. This person will only enter a coin after his hero avatar dies and will just leave instead if the game is no longer interesting him.

The AI player enjoyment depends on several elements. Some of them are negative as backtracking, boredom, excessive fighting, dying or unexplained changes to the level, while others are positive as exploring, fighting, finding gameplay elements, solving lever puzzles and beating levels.

My work:

  • Designed the game’s mechanics and levels.
  • Developed the Pathfinder logic that would be used by the AI player and the controllable troops.
  • Wrote the AI player’s decision making logic.
  • Coded the combat logic

Where to get: You can get Coin Master for free at the Digipen gallery.

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