On Air

Title: On Air(Global Game Jam 2017).
Engine: Game Maker.

Game Description: On air is a frenetic 2D resource management game. In it we take the role of a poor employee that has been left alone in charge of a TV station and has to do everybody’s work to maintain the waves going.

The player is shown a timetable with the shows that should air that day and how they are scheduled. Having the correct program going will make the audience go up while getting it wrong will have the contrary effect. The player is also expected to stop the tapes to give way to commercials.

Commercials will give the station money, that works as a measure of how well are you doing your job. The more audience there is the more money will be given but they also make the audience go down.

If this was not enough the player is starving and constipated so he will have to go to the bathroom and the vending machine regularly.

To put the icing on the cake the boss will call with whimsical request from time to time. Not taking the phone or failing to do his request will increase his anger and if it gets to it max you’ll be fired.

The result is quite a crazy and difficult game and making it was a thrilling experience and one that thought our team GameMaker as it was the first time we used it.

My work:

  • I was of the main designers of the game.
  • I coded a Small Window/Camera manager for Gamemaker that allowed us to decouple game view resolution from window scale.
  • I wrote the randomized timetable logic.(Both requested shows and their duration are random within some limits but always fill the whole workday)
  • Wrote the emission machine logic, that controls the money the audience and if the correct tape is in the machine at each time.

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