Title: Resurface (September 2015 – May 2016).
Engine: Self Made Component Based 2D C++ engine.

Game Description: ¬†Resurface is an UNFINISHED 2D slow paced “metroidvania” with focus on the ambiance and oppressing atmosphere.¬† The player embodies Larry, one of humanitys few survivors that has to leave the safety of his secure underground vault and traverse the ruins of an old military complex to open the way back to surface for the rest of his people by returning power to old industrial elevators.

My work:

  • Built the base Component based engine that powers the game.
  • Engineered the graphics pipeline.
  • Created a system of 2D dynamic lighting.
  • Developed tools for artists an other programmers to interface with the engine.(animation tools, 2D light placing tools…).
  • Coded the behavior of the plant enemy.

Where to get: You can get Resurface for free at the Digipen gallery.

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