State Machine Language

Course: CS380 (Game AI)
Project Number: 1
Used Tech: Built upon a provided C++ framework.

This is a project I made for my CS380 class (Game AI) at Digipen Bilbao. The objective was to make a toy project using a provided framework and macro based state machine language. Given those conditions I could not resist the desire to make my own small zombie outbreak simulation.

The project showcases three different types of actor with several states each one:


  • Will wander around if they sense no threat.
  • Will escape from zombies if they see any.
  • Will follow a cop if he asks them to.


  • If there is no prey will wander around keeping distance from other zombies to cover more terrain.
  • Will try to bite any civilian or cop they see. If they manage to kill one the dead body will become a new zombie in a couple of seconds.


  • Will wander around if alone.
  • Will try to make civilians form at his back to protect them.
  • Will fight any zombie on sight. If he manages to defeat a zombie the zombie will be dead for good.

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