Teotl: Rise of a god

Title: Teotl Rise of a God(September 2016 – May 2017).
Engine: Self Made Component Based 3D C++ engine.

Game Description:    Teotl Rise of a God is a 3D adventure-puzzle game. In it the player is put in the shoes of the avatar of a weakened mesoamerican god that has to free the moon and the sun from the dungeons where they are trapped. In order to do this the avatar will have to retrieve back the parts that is is missing to be able to navigate the mazes in new ways.

My work:

  • Developed the Camera System used during gameplay and cinematics.
  • Wrote gameplay tools for the editor such as camera triggers and platform logic systems.
  • Co-Designed the game’s mechanics and levels.
  • Reviewed and debugged the physics system.
  • Reviewed and debugged the graphics pipeline.
  • In order to reduce boilerplate and avoid human error I wrote a windows API tool that created templates of new Components for the engine with the correct inheritances and the desired event calls.


Where to get: You can get Teotl Rise of a God for free at the Digipen gallery.

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